Terra Granite Cookware-A Unique Choice

Terra Granite Cookware-A Unique Choice

Cookware is a versatile option where you can explore all the different types, colors, and designs available on the market. Some have eye-catching colors and designs, while some have attractive prices and quality. We have a large scale of customers that try most of the essential woody collection and ice cream collection. But there’s a particular one that you can’t even find a similar one on the market, and it’s called “ Terra Collection.”

First, let’s talk about its name——Terra. Terra as a girl’s name is of Latin origin meaning “Earth.” In mythology, Terra is the Roman earth goddess and equivalent to the Greek Gaia. On the other hand, we were inspired by terracotta’s features. Literally “cooked earth,” in its material sense as an earthenware substrate, is a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic where the fired body is porous. Ancient people during the early stone age first started using clay pots for cooking food or storing things. That’s the first cookware model, then it kept evolving and improving and turned into the modern cookware we are using now.

We take this name based on our concept of natural elements cookware: bring healthy, eco-friendly, and green cookware to our customers worldwide. And hope that we could change the cooking experience of every family and, of course, protect the earth. Its brownish exterior also symbolizes the earth (as its another meaning: dirt), of which we use this cookware as if we physically touch nature. Now let’s take a deeper move and see what benefits you could get from this cookware.


1. Unique Design.

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t find a similar one in any market. It is coated with the fish scale pattern on the exterior surface that looks unique and beautiful. The tree’s wood pattern inspired us to add a stylish and natural touch to the cookware, which symbolizes green and eco-friendly, giving you a brand-new cooking experience.

Fish scale inspiration

terra collection_casserole

2. Multi-purpose Lid.

It’s built from durable tempered glass, sealed with a food-grade silicone rubber rim to protect the stainless steel ring. Ensure it won’t be scratched or deformed during transshipping or use. It cooks faster and retains heat & nutrients longer than regular lids. You could take it as a food container for daily use: store cooked food in the casserole, put it in the fridge, and heat it on the stove when needed. A transparent lid could also allow you visually monitor the cooking process without lifting the lid. 


3. Unibody Design.

This is a cookware revolution. Most of the pans available on the market are equipped with metal parts and rivets inside; we could bring you an unibody pan with no rivet connect like nuts or nutserts; it could prevent oil stains or even food residue from sticking and ensure simple and easy cleaning. 

4. Bakelite Handle.

This handle is heat-resistant material, staying cool while cooking and protecting it from scalding. Its ergonomic design gives you a comfortable touch and distribute weight evenly throughout the pan, making it easy to handle.

5. 100% Safe Material.

Swiss imported granite stone material, produced without toxic materials like PFOA, PFAS, lead, cadmium, nanoparticles, and others, could harm our health. We passed FDA, SGS, MA, and CNAS food-grade safety inspections, guaranteeing 100% safe use.

6. Even heat distribution.

All of our pots and pans are made using die-cast technology that could achieve excellent heat distribution and ensure a better cooking performance. Only low to medium fire level is good enough for daily cooking, saving energy and time.

7. Less Smoke Produced.

It’s a smoke killer. It could prevent heavy oil fumes during cooking. It only needs a little butter or oil that could achieve a better effect—giving you a clean and less smoke environment.

8. Compatible with all kinds of cookware.

It can be used on all stoves with its magnetic bottom, even for induction cookers. An expanded and thickened base delivers heat to the pan to achieve nice and quick heating. If you are going to move into a new house or apartment, this set is a good choice.


Terra granite stone set is designed for the highly experienced home chef; unique brown curated granite meets all your cooking needs. Check Stuffed Pepper Soup from tierra_fi and give it a shot by yourself. We can’t wait to see what you can do with this set.