New Release

Terra cookware set

Terra 10 piece cookware set


This set contains 10 pieces of pans and pots in brown color including:

- 1.5-quart saucepan with lid

- 9.5/11 inch skillet frying pan without lid

- 2.3/4.3/6 quart casserole with lid

This set is made of eco-friendly Granite coating which is PFOA free and suitable for all the stoves including the induction stoves. 

Essential Woody Cookware Set

Essential Woody cookware set is a cookware set made of Maifan stone color and wood grain handles focuses on natural elements style. The handles in this cookware set are made of Bakelite which is a material to keep the handles cool and safe while cooking. The body is made of die cast aluminium and the bottom of the pans and pots in this cookware set is thickened 4.5 mm in order to distribute the heat evenly and quickly. The method used for coating in this cookware set is 5-layer coating with Granistone material from Switzerland which retains the characteristics of natural rock and is grainy to the touch.

Cosy Cookware Set

The Cosy cookware set is provided in light color for the body with Japanese style. The handle is made of Bakelite with Y shape style. The material used in the body of this cookware set is die cast aluminium which makes the heat distribution excellent.

Air Cookware Set

Air cookware set contains the lightweight pans and pots that make it cost-effective. The handles are attached by screws and there is no rivet in inner surface. In addition, the material used for coating of this cookware set is Greblon C3 three-layer non-stick coating material from Germany.

Cacha Cacha Cookware Set

Cacha Cacha cookware set contains detachable handles that enables changing the handles as well as entering the pan and pot body into the oven and dishwasher. Moreover, the material used in the body of this cookware set is aluminium which makes the heat distribution fast.

Bio Cookware Set

Bio cookware set is a colorful cookware set that focuses on fashionable and popular colors. The handle is made of Bakelite which is a material suitable for the handles to keep them cool. The shape of the handle is Y style stainless steel and the body is made of aluminium with 4 mm thickness at the bottom. Moreover, the coating material used in this Bio-Pink and Bio-Green cookware set is american and in Bio-Grey cookware set is German.

90s Cookware Set

90s cookware set is using black sequin coating with popular solid color and wood grain handle and aluminium for the body. This feature is fashion and practical and provides better anti-yellowing and wear resistance. 

Pro Cookware Set

The material used for the body of Pro cookware set is aluminium and the handle is made of cast steel. In addition, the Pro cookware set is using coating material from Germany and has provided a wear-resistant layer which is more yellowing-resistant and the normal use period is longer.