Carote Granite Stone Cookware Review

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Carote Essential Woody 10 Pcs Non Stick Natural Healthy Granite Stone Cookware Set – Carote Official

Nowadays, people choose cookware more carefully and moving towards to healthier and greener cookware options. And there’s a variety of it to choose from: stainless steel/ceramic/glass/cast iron/porcelain,etc. It's not easy to choose among these options, not to mention the functions are quite similar. They all provide features of non-stick/non-toxic/easy to use and so on.

You may lose your patience to choose it and have no absolute way to select a perfect one for your kitchen.

However, there’s one material you might not even hear of or tried before. And it’s becoming the highly needed cookware on the market and perfectly suitable for starters. it’s called——granite stone cookware. Now isn’t it sound like stoneware? and what’s so special about it that you must try? 

Hold your horses! This review is to demystify its beauty, and we’ll introduce some simple facts about Carote granite stone cookware to you. We’ll also attach some pictures to show you vividly and hope that they can help you select before purchasing.


What could it bring? (Features & quality)


1.DURIT Granitec Non-stick coating

Carote granite stone cookware is layered with 5 different materials using DURIT Granitec, which gives the cookware excellent non-stick performance and durable body than other pans on the market. Its aluminum core can bring great heat distribution and make your cooking more efficient.




2. Less smoke and low-calorie.

Although it’s a non-stick pan, you might easily take it as an “oil-free” pan. But it sure does! Only a little butter or oil should do the trick. It can keep the better non-stick performance and spread the magical flavor in your meal. Less smoke and fat bring you low-calorie and healthy food.




3. Super easy to clean

It’s super easy to clean thanks to its exclusive non-stick surface that makes cleanup a breeze! Just rinse it with warm soapy water and use a soft dishwashing cloth or sponge to clean, then use a paper towel to wipe out the water, place it in a clean and dry place,and this is it ! Such time saving and efficient.



4.Suitable for all stoves.

Its bottom is made of stainless steel, making it magnetic to use on the induction cooker top. This is maybe the best juice you’ve ever been interested in so far. Yes, it indeed can use on the induction cooker and can use on gas stove/ceramic stove/ electric stove, and solid fuel as well! The bottom is also expanded and thickened with 3-ply , heats up rapidly and evenly,save a lot of energy. Therefore, only small to medium fire level is enough; high heat will damage the coating and causes black stains.


Carote cookware_stainless steel bottom_suitable for induction top


5.Anti-scald handle.

Anti-scald bakelite handle explicitly designed for comfortable use. Ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip and distribute weight evenly throughout the pan. Its unibody design with no rivets connect bring you time-saving cleaning. Now you can get rid of those heavy stainless-steel or iron handle pans, they are not comfortable to use right? Imagine how difficult that is to flip an egg.






6.Acidic food resistant.

You can simply cook any acidic food in it without ruining the flavor and smell of the meal. It could also resist the pan from getting rusty. Imagine you place the pan in a wet environment, and it gets rusty as time passes and can’t use anymore. Well, this is the last thing you need to worry about for granite cookware.


Carote granite stone cookware is trending now. It can bring you a brand-new cooking experience with its excellent functions. It includes all the possibilities of other cookware, and it carries more intriguing things that other cookware can’t offer. The above introduction provides detailed features that could allow you easily know what could it bring.

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