11 Reasons Why You Should Try Our Granite Cookware

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1. Non-toxic

Carote granite cookware doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that might affect our health, 100% free of PFOS, PFOA.


Although you may think of granite as a rather heavy material, granite cookware weighs much less (about 50%) than cast iron, for 8 inch fryingpan, it ONLY have 1.3lb.

3.Exclusive non stick performance

The Swiss ILAG 5 layers ILAG granite coating have better non stick performance than other cookwares, beside, the durability of granite coating is much better than iron one.

4.Excellent heat conduction

The granite coating inner core warms up quickly and holds in heat to reduce your overall cooking time&save your gas and electricity cost.

5.Super easy to clean

Our supreme granite coating provides a exclusive non stick surface that makes cleanup a breeze, wipe it with a soapy sponge, and wash it, that's all!

6.Save resources&protect the earth

With our excellent non stick performance, only a dash of oil is needed to cook, it reduce 70% smoke&co2 emissions during cooking. Just wipe it with a soapy sponge&wash the surface after using, save up to 60% on oil using, 70% water using, and 50%overall cooking time, 50%gas and electricity cost(*compared with cast iron pan).

7.Having an aesthetically pleasing appearance

Many people choose our granite cookware because it is attractive and goes well with nearly any kitchen décor.

8.Resisting rust

Granite cookware does not rust like cast iron is prone to do, due to it special swiss granite coating material, it never rust.

9.Acidic food resistance

The granite coating materials typically used is inert, so you can safely cook acidic ingredients without it affecting the flavor and smell of your dishes. Also the coating will not leach when cooking or storing highly acidic dishes and leads health threat. 

*Acid Food ect: tomatoes, lemons or cranberries.

10.Scratch resistant

With 5 layers ILAG granite nonstick layers,  our granite cookware have a more durable and scratch-resistant than normal cookware. 

*Wear resistant > 40,000 times.


Design, develop, manufacture, and sell Directly from Carote, means we’ve eliminated high and unnecessary retail markups! You don't need to pay that ridiculous high money, just try our premium quality cookware with the most valuable price.


Granite cookware is trending now. A switch from your ancient cookware to granite cookware set can happen as you become aware of the components in the former product that can harm your health, check the pros granite cookware has and make your decision. ----Carote

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