Cookware Sets

Essential Woody

Carote Essential Woody cookware set is an innovative design using ILAG Granistone non-stick coating and technology imported from Switzerland. With 5 layers of super non-stick protection and wear resistance, Essential Woody collection has passed the US FDA food testing. It covers more than 15 styles and 30 models that will meet multiple cooking demands.

As the world's first design that integrates wood grain design into cooking utensils, Essential Woody set is telling the story of ‘return to nature, healthy and organic’. Compared to traditional pots and pans, this set embodies superior thermal insulation performance, even heating and applicability for all stoves, including induction. With global footprints in 30 countries, Essential Woody series cookware has sold over 5 million pieces worldwide.


The design inspiration of Carote 90s cookware set comes from the first black non-stick pan that came out in France in the 1950s. It retains the black style that has been going over the years, accompanied by the design of our fashionable Carote wood grain handle.

The Titanium-reinforced three layer non-stick coating was especially developed for Carote and offers extra durability plus healthy cooking with less or even no oil at all . The food grade silicone glass lids will make you fall in love at first glance. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and the thick stainless steel compound bottom offers fast thermal conductivity and is suitable also for induction heating. 90s is Carote's classic tribute to the origin of die-cast aluminium non-stick cookware.


Bio cookware set is a colorful cookware set and suitable for those who are looking for frying pans and pots with different colors. At Carote, we are committed to integrate environmentally friendly and safe materials into our products. All our coatings are completely PFOA-free and tested to international health standards such as US FDA, German LFGB amongst others. Raw materials are sourced from upcycled components where possible and we only use the highest quality 3-layer non-stick technologies. From in-house design to R&D through mass production, it is our unremitting pursuit of ingenuity.

The appearance of Bio cookware set is designed with bright colors, evoking endless fun and creativity in cooking with a simple, fresh and fashionable touch. The new American Whitford Quantum 2 non-stick coating is reinforced with ceramic particles and offers outstanding abrasion resistance and non-stick performance.


Carote Cosy cookware set with Japanese style design has a pleasant creamy white non-stick coating. With a forged aluminium body, Cosy collection offers excellent heat distribution and heat storage performance. The bakelite wood grain handle with silicone 'soft-touch' coating is attractive, durable and ergonomic.


Carote Air cookware set was specially designed for lovers of lightweight cookware. With minimal weight cooking becomes effortless.

Handles are attached by screws and the inner surface is completely without rivets, which makes it easy to replace accessories or clean the product. With unnecessary parts removed, Air cookware set offers a very competitive price. At Carote, however, we do not save cost on account of quality: Even our competitively priced Air collection features a top quality Greblon C3 three-layer non-stick coating from Germany. PFOA-free and tested to the strictest German standards.


Carote Granite cookware set features German Weilburger Greblon C3 coating, a totally PFOA-free 3-layer non-stick coating that has been tested to the strictest German standards. The anti-discoloration performance benefits from the dark granite stone texture coating. The solid edge-to edge steel/aluminium compound bottom heats up even faster and is suitable for all stoves, including induction.

Riveted silicone coated handles give it a soft touch, enhanced durability and excellent heat insulation. Dishwasher safe and ovenproof up to 180°C (or 350°F).


Cacha&Cacha cookware set, named from its functionality, offers the unique feature of detachable handles, making it very easy to use. Oven-proof up to 250°C (or 480°F) when the handles are removed. Excellent for households with limited storage space.

The quick-release buttons of the detachable handles come in various attractive colors, contrasting the traditional black coating of the cookware.