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Carote Brown Granite 10 Pcs Cookware Set
Leah Scanio (Buffalo, US)

I am extremely pleased with my new set. It is more beautiful than the pictures believe it or not! The quality is really good and I’m so excited for all the yummy meals to come. The service representatives are really kind and helpful as well! Great company

Carote White Granite 6/10 Pcs Cookware Set
Brittany Mungle (Ogden, US)
So upset! Don’t waste your money!

Literally not what I expected! These had such wonderful ratings. Within the first week my pan was stained black and I got the white ones. The handles started melting and bubbling. They are ruined and I haven’t even hand them more than a month. I’m so angry and upset I wasted money on this product! Beyond upset! Also not non- stick! I only hand wash these and they always stick until you start mixing the items! Terrible! So beyond upset!

Carote White Granite 6/10 Pcs Cookware Set
Lauren Fredrikson (Winchester, US)

Best set ever!! Such high quality and actually non-stick

Love this!

This set is awesome. You have all these pans, some with a lid to easily store in the fridge. Since the handle is removable you can place these in the oven. This is a really great set and I’m super impressed. I’ve used a few times and I love it.

Best pans you will ever buy!!!

These pans are fantastic!!!!😀 easy to store😀 clean up is a breeze😀 light weight😀 works on my induction cook top😀 goes from pan to serving dish😀 very nice looking😀 even heatingI love these pan they are not only attractive they do everything they say they do. Clean up is so easy the food washes away with just a spray of water. Storage is so easy they all stack inside of each other. They are great for home or camping. They are a great value for the money 💰 🤑 💸

Removable Handle? Brilliant!

Was really anxious about this color cause we cook curry a lot. So I tested it right away and I was surprised that it didn't stain! Removable handle is absolutely genius for baking casseroles (handles can not go in oven) and for storage in small spaces.Easy to clean and free of PFOS and lead, so you're eating safe.I hope these last cause it's a very nice set for such a low price

Figured it out!

So I absolutely love the fact that these are the granite type of pans I was looking to replace our very years old and outdated pan set that was starting to chips so I absolutely love that this set is interchangeable and in the video as I was recording I realized I Did not put the lid on properly which is why there is a second photo showing how the lead fits when you have the handle clicked on I just didn’t have it right I thought it was part of the pourspout which technically you could use it that way which is one thing I wanted to show is in that video the pot that has a poor spout can easily be adjusted and the handle doesn’t have to be adjacent to it in the traditional sense but at the bottom which makes it a little easier and more convenient for pouring out liquids whenever you’re cooking!


They are beautiful but arrived scratched and plastic lids do not fit/close all the way

I love how I can save space in my cabinet

Love this. Space saver

Carote White Granite 6/10 Pcs Cookware Set
Diane Vishnia (Cleveland, US)
Beautiful cookware

I bought a set of Carote to use in our vacation home and decided to try it out before taking it there. That was it! This cookware was staying home for every day use. Besides the fact that it is gorgeous, it cooks and cleans like a dream. I’ll purchase a second set for the cabin!

Carote Brown Granite 10 Pcs Cookware Set
Tracy Johnson (Colorado Springs, US)

I highly recommend that you buy Carote cookware! I had brought the Brown Granite 10pc set it matches my kitchen perfectly. This cooking set is remarkable! Fantastic! Very, easy to clean and superior to cook with. I will be buying the Off-White Set also.

My Parents Call These The Fake Pots

I’ve cooked with these pots, washed them, I loveeee them so much. I’ve had them for about 2 weeks and they still look brand new after 2 weeks of use. I didn’t like that they came in the original manufactures box as a person who used to pack and ship items. But I would say that was my only negative. Luckily they came undamaged and perfect. These pots clean quick and easy. Nothing sticks and they can handle some heat but I would stick with med to med high instead of high heat. They get hot quickly and the handles are veryyy sturdy. However for care I would NOT submerge the handles in water just wipe them with a damp soapy water towel and you should be good. But if you needed a sign to get these, here it is. My parents say they look like fake pots because they’re soooo pretty in person. I tried to add some depth perception and texture pictures but these are so nice.


Está todo bien, pero le pongo 4 estrellas porque una de las hollas lleva tapa, y no me la enviaron. Lo que está señalado en la foto no me llegó

Carote Brown Granite 10 Pcs Cookware Set
Melissa C (Tullahoma, US)
Used as an interim while moving

After moving across the country, we had most of our items stacked to the ceiling in storage as we slowly weeded through them. Pots and pans were necessary, but I was unable to locate my nice set of stainless steel ones. I honestly ordered these because they had good reviews and weren’t too pricey, since the intent was to donate them once I find my old ones.
After using them extensively for over a month now, I’m no longer looking for my “nice” set. These are amazing! They cook wonderfully, are really lightweight to handle, and clean up is a breeze! I wasn’t sure about the color, and really wanted the white ones, but the reviews mentioning staining steered me towards these brown ones. They are actually a nice, neutral color. My only gripe is that I bought a pot rack to hang them from before they arrived and didn’t realize that the 2 handled pots have no hole in the handles to hang them.
Aside from that minor inconvenience, this is a wonderful set, and I will be keeping them and donating my stainless ones, if they hold up as well as I think they will.

Carote Classic Granite 10 Pcs Cookware Set

Love these pots and pans - would love more options

Carote Classic Granite 10 Pcs Cookware Set
Amazing quality and amazing customer service

I just want to say how good was my experience with carote. I bought a nice 10 piece set and for some reason it got lost on the mail. Despite that, the customer service was wonderful at me and Ronin (the customer service associate) promptly responded to my inquiry and sent me a second order plus a set of spatulas. I had to wait a little more to get this second order but it came wonderfully correct and I i oils see for myself why everyone evaluates this brand so high. You all are 10/10 ♥️ Thank you very much and I’m cooking so many dishes on my new pans and pots now

Save space and non- sticking

I like the color and how they save my kitchen space. For people live with two the size is perfect, maybe not big enough for group of people. The handle is very easy to use and hold it tight, don’t need to worry that will be loose out.

Great experience

I had been looking for a decent set of pans for a while, and I think I found them. I was a little disheartened when I got my pans and there was a big dent in my 9.5" pan especially since this is the pan I use the most. I got in touch with customer service, and they got a new pan out to me within a week what service made me very happy. I've only used the pan's and sauce pan's a few times and am very pleased so far. Hopefully they hold up only time will tell, but all and all I was very pleased with my purchasing experience with Carote.

Carote Brown Granite 10 Pcs Cookware Set

Love this set. I’ve been putting off buying new cookware for a while and came across this brand by chance. Love that they’re a clean brand and don’t have to worry about chemicals in my food. Cleanup is so easy! Hot water and everything comes right off- even if it’s left overnight! Will be buying more sets for gifts in the future.

Only thing I don’t like about them is the rubber grip on the handle. Not permanently attached and they come off and get lost randomly. Doesn’t affect functionality- just looks odd when they’ve fallen off.

Carote White Granite 6/10 Pcs Cookware Set
Lorretta Ududua (San Jose, US)
Love the set

So beautiful. Cooks evenly. No sticking.

Carote White Granite 6/10 Pcs Cookware Set
Brandy (Indian Head, US)

These pots and pans are so cute, light weight, are so easy to cook with and I have never had pots and pans come clean so easily! I’m pretty sure I will never buy another brand again! And the sprinkle flipper is adorable, my kids love it.

Carote Classic Granite 10 Pcs Cookware Set
Clay Brown (Texas City, US)
Very Nice

I have reduced my oils and coatings to nonexistent ,Foods are better tasting and healthier , I have to get in habit of reducing the heat due to takes half the heat to cook now . Love the cookware ;)

Carote White Granite 6/10 Pcs Cookware Set
Lanphi Nguyen (Woodland Hills, US)
Best Cookware Set

Probably the best cookware set I’ve purchased. The quality and design along with price tag is unbeatable . Customer service is also top notch. Thanks for inventing this cookware — it makes life in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Classic Granite Nonstick Grill Pan
Lidia Buegueño (Shelbyville, US)
Excelente compra

Es excelente producto me encanto todo lo que e adquirido me a encantado excelentes productos

Classic Granite Nonstick Grill Pan
K Page (Oswego, US)
Have many essential woody granite Carote products

I started with purchasing a deep frying pan to try. Well…I fell in love with that. Heats eventually and clean up a breeze. Went on to purchase two sauce pans. I love the large frying pan with pour spouts. Added grill, 6qt pan and smaller fry pan plus others. The best part they are chemical free. Can’t wait for baking products!