If you have purchased Carote pans and pots, please follow the cookware care instructions on this page before and after use. Follow these easy instructions to increase the longevity of your cookware, prevent damage to your stovetop, and lower the risks of burning food onto the surface of your pan.

Before first use

-Please follow the simple steps below to start your cooking journey-

  • 1 - Wash the surface or pot in warm soapy water.
  • 2 - Clean & dry the surface.
  • 3 - Enjoy cooking with it. :)
  • *No need to season the cookware as we have pre-seasoned it.


-Carote provide exclusive uniform heat conduction-

  • Because of the excellent heat conductivity of your pan, food and oil heat up very rapidly, so always cook on low to medium heat and please only use high heat for searing or browning.

-Avoid dry heating-

  • Do not let the pan burn dry without any food, water or oil. It may affect the non stick performance.

-We recommend using oil or butter-

  • Appropriate use of oil can well protect the performance of the non stick coating.
  • We recommend olive oil or coconut oil as they are healthier and have a relatively high burn point to ensure stable non stick performance & perfect dishes.

-Always give the oil a nice even rub onto the surface-

  • On a diet? No problem! With its amazing heat conduction, only a little bit of oil is needed. The non stick also perform well. 


-Never use metal utensils-

  • It's the best way to protect non stick coating. Plastic, rubber or wood utensils are recommended to prolong the life of the pan. (some cookware sets in our shop contain free woody utensils)

-Do not cut food whilst it is in the pan-

  • Knives with rough edges will damage your non stick surface.

-Oven Use: Do not use it in oven-

  • Please avoid putting the pans and pots in the oven since it may damage the handle.


  • Please use warm water and detergent, clean with a soft sponge or soft dish washing brush when cleaning.
  • Do not sink your cookware in boiling/hot water over 160 °F in case it may damage the handle.
  • Under no circumstances you should use a hard metal brush to clean the pan or pot to avoid scratching or even damaging the non stick coating.
  • If you need to clean stubborn stains, please add detergent and hot water to the pan or pot, then leave it for 5 to 10 minutes or more before washing to get a better result.

-Wash it by hand-

  • Your Carote pan&pots is very easy and convenient to clean. To preserve your pan non stick performance, we recommend you:
  • 1) Clean & wash it in warm soapy water.
  • 2) Rinse and dry with a soft towel or kitchen paper
  • 3) Store it in a dry place,
  • That's easy! Our exclusive non stick performance could help you save 50% time & 70% water during pan & pot washing.
  • *In the case of dishwasher use, the granite non stick coating may be broken down by the hardness of the water and aggressive detergents that are commonly used in a dishwasher. 

-Do NOT use steel wool or nylon scrubbing pads-

  • For best results clean with a soft cloth or sponge, then wash it in warm water, that's all.

-Do NOT use oven cleaner or any cleaner that is abrasive-

  • These cleaners may contain chlorine bleach, which may harm non stick layer, the granite non stick coatings may be broken down by the hardness of the water and aggressive detergents that are commonly used in dishwasher. 

-Do NOT put it in Dish Washer-

  • The Aluminum bottom may be broken down by the hardness of the water and aggressive detergents that are commonly used in dishwasher. 

-Always ensure the pan is clean before you store it-

  • Storing it in a clean & dry place could make your pan & pot stay in a good performance in your whole life.

Any further inquiry you could contact our customer service, we are delighted to serve you at any time.