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Brand History

Carote is an innovative brand that promotes quality of life and lifestyle. Carote adheres to the philosophy of bringing the most cost-effective products to consumers worldwide and provides outstanding service quality.


In 1992, Carote's factory is established. Like many traditional factories, It keeps improving the product quality on a daily basis. Over the years, Carote has gradually become a well-known factory with an excellent reputation.


In 2000, Carote seizes market opportunities and decisively enters the export industry to OEM for foreign brands.


In 2007, Carote enters the European market in Italy, since Italy is the largest production base of non-stick cookware in the world. Then we transferred our focus to the cooperation with Italian brand factories, so as to continuously absorb world-class experience, enhance manufacturing development and technology core of our own products.

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Carote Essential Woody set history


In 2012, Carote relies on ever-increasing product quality and builds its brand reputation, and ultimately directly cooperates with many well-known European manufacturers, gradually developing into a leader in development of cookware.


In 2016, Carote enters the local market in China and introduces the first product line "Essential Woody" series of non-stick cookware with ILAG Granitec coating from Switzerland and establishes a new starting point for corporate brand development. At Carote design meets technology and what sets us apart is our new concept 'From factory to consumer' – direct as direct can be, cutting out the usual distributors and traders.


In 2018, the local market continues to expand its online platforms and to establish traditional stores in commercial buildings such as Wanda, Baolong and Intime. At the same time, the market expands worldwide like a tidal wave. With outstanding quality, Carote became the cookware sponsor of the Italian Michelin Chefs Association.


Time passes, but quality will last forever. After years of accumulation and precipitation, Carote has now comprehensive knowledge of non-stick cookware research and manufacturing. Our cookware features top quality materials, superb technology and unique design.


Carote assures consumers that quality life does not mean expensive life with its competitive performance, quality service, after-sales guarantee and cost-effective performance.


This is the initial heart of Carote's founding and the creed that every member of the Carote family has in mind. With such persistence, Carote wins the trust of customers in the market competition. It is also the trust and choice of our customers that makes Carote more stable with its high quality and cost-effective standard.

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We Never Stop

Our mission is to inspire and nurture the kitchen spirit – one person, one pot and one neighbourhood at the same time. With advanced technology, high-quality materials and comprehensive customer service, we continue to provide the world with high quality cookware on a greater scale.

A Legacy of Ingenuity

Stick to one task in a lifetime, bring simple to acme, this is ingenuity, even more, a masterpiece. The founder of Carote has held this belief for all his life. He believes that kitchenware can create happiness and satisfaction and each one of his customers should be entitled to the same happiness and satisfaction.

After decades of growth, our steps never stopped. With our outstanding quality and manufacturing process, Carote kitchenware is now sold in over 30 countries and deeply trusted by our customers. But this is not enough. We expect to bring happiness and satisfaction with our most advanced kitchenware to customers all over the world.