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Cooking can be enjoyable if the cook has access to good cookware non stick frying pans and pots. Frying pans are including different types, shapes and can be used for cooking different foods. The most common cooking tools are frying pans, therefore it is important to choose good cookware brands and select the right type in order to cook safe, easy and fast. Cookware brands on the other hand are trying to provide the clients the fry pans with different quality, design, types, shapes and colors. In addition, the cooks are always searching to find the best cookware brands and looking for appropriate products in terms of quality, price, design etc.

Carote as a cookware brand is always struggling to manufacture the frying pans with high quality and reasonable price and is producing different types of frying pans including skillet frying pan, saute pan deep frying pan, wok, crepe pan, grill pan, braiser and double handle wok. All of the fry pans are non stick pans and suitable for all stoves including the induction stoves. The pans belong to different cookware sets and are in different colors, sizes and can be used for different cooking methods. The material used to manufacture the frying pans is aluminium and the coating material is different from one cookware set to another. Another part of the frying pans which plays and important role for better and safe cooking is the handle. Some frying pans have two handles and some have one. Hence, the materials used to produce the handles can sometimes be an advantage of one brand in comparison to others. In manufacturing process of the fry pans in Carote, we pay our highest attention to how the handles are made and we use the standard materials to make the handles safe while cooking. Some of our fry pans are using bakelite material which is an ideal material for handles attached to a metal cookware and some use stainless steel material.

For the care of use, we must mention that Carote frying pans are providing uniform heat conduction and we recommend the Carote frying pan customers to use medium to small height level and avoid heating the fry pans while they are empty since the dry heating may cause damage to non stick coating. For the cleaning, it is recommended to use hot water as well as detergent and clean with soft sponge or soft dish washing brush and avoid using the hard metal brush since it may hurt the non stick coating and cause the scratch on the pans. Furthermore, in order to clean the stubborn stains, the pans must be first filled with hot water and detergent and then left for some time before cleaning.