What size of pots & pans do you need?

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What size of pots & pans do you need?

Sometimes when we choose cookware, we only pursue good quality and significant functions. And it’s not easy to choose pots and pans from different types/materials or prices. Yet there’s one important thing you also need to consider: size.

Yes, size is of equal importance to other options. Suitable size can basically cover all your cooking needs. Small sizes come with convenient and simple use; big sizes are versatile to cook a large amount of food and bring enough space for all kinds of dishes.

Now let’s explore different sizes with 4 different types of cookware to help you decide which size is suitable for you.



Frying Pan

Also called a skillet. It’s the most common cookware in every cook’s home. It has a round and flat bottom that supports frying/searing/browning food with one handle. Common sizes are from 20cm to 30cm (8-12 inches) in diameter.


8-inch Frying Pan:

It is a small and basic size for 1 person to use. Frying eggs or bacon or mixing some sauces. Perfectly suitable for college students or starters with small and light body.


10–12-inch Frying Pan:

10-12 inches are ideal sizes that nearly every cook owns. Cooking a large amount of food is just like a piece of cake. There is enough room to make omelets, many pancakes at the same time, and delicate fish. 12-inch pans always come with an extra helper handle, allowing you to lift a heavy pan with lots of dishes easily.

10-inch is considered the most versatile size to support family use. But if you have a big family and need a large amount of food every day, you won’t go wrong with 12-inch.




Sauté Pan

It functions similarly to a skillet, but taller sides and bigger capacity make it more versatile than a skillet. Some saute pans also have pouring spouts. keeping food from spilling while cooking.; It’s a multi-tasking pan that always measures as quarts, supports sauteing/frying/deep frying/stewing, and boiling.


                                   Size Comparison from dimensions.com


Standard sizes from 3-6 quarts in capacity. And the cooking surface (or diameter) of most 3-quart sauté pans is approximately 11 inches. Like 5 or 6-quart pans, have 12 to14-inch diameters.


SautePan Size Serves Ideal for
2-quart 1 person Simple syrup,small batches of vegetables,rice,eggs, one chicken breast
3-quart 1-3 people Poached fish,steamed vegetables,two chicken breats
4-quart 2-4 people Four filet mignon steaks,sauces,four chicken thighs
5-quart 4-5 people Two large pork chops,20 meatballs,sauteed leafy vegetables like kale
6-quart 5-6 people Family meals,braised meats,stews,soups,stocks,baked pasta
                Comparison Chart from Prudentreviews by Andrew Palermo




It has a small diameter but with taller body, measured as quarts in capacity. Standard sizes from 1.4-2.5 quarts. Like its name “saucepan,” it’s a liquid-cooking pan that also has a pouring spout, small diameter equals heating area is small, which makes heating way faster than other pans, can easily allow you to cook noodles, simple soup, boil water, or even fry eggs (yes, nearly every pan can fry eggs, but it’s just not so convenient to use).


1.4-1.7 Quarts Saucepan

Small sizes are suitable for heating some sauces/cooking small quantity noodles/making poaching eggs, etc. Same as an 8-inch frying pan, ideal for starters or college students.


Above 2quarts Saucepan

Big sizes stand for many versatile uses: heating sauces/making pasta, and cooking rice. Some saucepan comes with a steamer that could steam eggs/corns or other dishes when you are cooking.


Ice Cream Granite Sauce Pan With Lid – Carote Official



As its name casserole, it’s mainly used to make soups, stews, pot roasts, sauces, etc. It always comes with double handles for easy lifting and use. Its higher body and big capacity ensure it’s deep enough to submerge chunky ingredients like whole chickens giving you flexibility over what you can cook.

Casserole size for a couple: 20cm/2.3-quart round casserole dish
Casserole size for a family of four: 24cm/4.3-quart round casserole dish






After all these size guides, you may want to buy them all for big family use. Well, we have the perfect one you need.

Granite cookware 10/11pcs set and white granite cookware set can fulfill your cooking dreams with different sizes and versatile uses. 11pcs set also comes with a steamer basket that matches the 2.3-quart saucepan.





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