What is the Natural Element Woodstone Cookware?

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What is the Natural Element Woodstone Cookware? - Carote Official

Natural elements such as rock, water, wood, soil, and vegetation can be applied to specific fields to achieve the pursuit of nature. And natural elements Woodstone cookware is built on this theory to blend in these natural elements to make a series of cookware that advocate healthy, green, and environmental protection concepts.

And what we are going to show you today is how natural elements Woodstone cookware could reflect such theory and what it could bring.


Granite Stone Coating

Like all rocks on Earth, natural stones were formed thousand years ago; stones like granite, marble, quartz, etc., can be applied to some needs after being quarried, undergoing shaping, and forging. Stones like granite and marble are widely used in cookware for outstanding features.

And granite stone is considered the healthiest coating material; its durable, strong, and abrasion-resistant features ensure its quality and retains the characteristics of natural rock. Granite stone cookware has 5 layers of natural granite coating using DURIT Granitec based on its die-cast aluminum body.



  1. It’s grainy to touch based on its constructure.

  2. Strong and durable body ensures a wide range of cooking needs.

  3. 100% Free of harmful chemicals like PFOA, PFOS, and GenX.

  4. Exclusive nonstick performance provided by Swiss imported 5 layers.

  5. Tripled food-grade reinforced layers provide excellent abrasion-resistant.

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Wooden Grain Bakelite Handle

Handle material is of equal importance to coating. It’s the first thing when you interact with the pan. Therefore, choosing the suitable material could affect the experience of using cookware.

We use wooden grain handles to focus on natural elements style. Its wooden pattern results in aesthetic aspects that could actually make you feel like embracing nature. The wooden grain handle is made of Bakelite, a safe material that ensures safety while cooking. It’s designed based on ergonomics; comfortable touching makes cooking even more enjoyable.



  1. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to touch.

  2. Low heat conductor makes it stay cool when cooking

  3. Unibody and no rivets design ensure easy cleaning.





What Could It Bring?

Granite stone cookware is suitable for frying, stewing, double boiling, and other cooking methods. However, unlike conventional metallic cookware, certain metals could leach into the food during cooking, which will affect the taste and nutrition of the dish. Besides being toxin-free, non-reactive, and loaded with minerals, the verifiable claims that they cook evenly and retain heat for a longer duration have people vouching for their efficiency.

Nutrients will not be lost when cooking with granite stone cookware, and the heat distribution is fast with slow dissipation making it high-quality energy-saving cookware. In addition, the heating process can withstand cooking temperatures up to 220 Fahrenheit. Though it may crack and break when dropped or suffered from high heat, it will last longer with proper care.



Care of use:

It is not recommended to use metal utensils to scratch the surface. Always use wooden, bamboo, or silicone utensils and never directly cut food in the pan as this could permanently damage the surface. The natural elements cookware usually requires handwashing and sometimes provides a deep clean to get off any leftover stain that builds up over time.

Natural elements Woodstone Cookware is considered the safest material on the market. We are trying to use this natural element to level up your cooking experience. And if you haven’t tried it and thinking of buying new cookware, let’s give it a shot! There are just so many benefits to using them that will make cooking more enjoyable. It could literally change the way of cooking with its excellent functions and bring you a brand-new cooking experience than other cookware. Save your budget in the long run and be durable for a very long time.


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