What can you cook with a nonstick frying pan?

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What can you cook with a nonstick frying pan?
You may not use all the cookware and might’ve only chosen one or two pans in your kitchen. But there’s one important pan that you must have: a frying pan.

Especially if it’s a non-stick frying pan, the nonstick surface could allow you to cook the food without sticky. It has better effects than a regular pan which can support more recipes.

Frying pan is also called a skillet, but there’s a slight difference between these two, which you can check our previous blog to distinguish. It is broadly used in nearly every cook’s home. Its light body and flat bottom make it super convenient and easy for cooking breakfast or brunches. Imagine the sound of sizzling bacon and delicious-looking sunny-side-up eggs on a sunny morning and having a great time with your family. Just how nice is that.
Now let’s cut to the chase and talk about what you can actually do with a nonstick frying pan.


Frying Bacon And Eggs:

It’s the most used method with a frying pan because obviously judged by its name. It can literally use for frying. A nonstick frying pan will result in crispy bacon and perfect sunny-side-up eggs. And guarantee you a fluffy omelet and better scrambled eggs to save you on a busy morning.

granite nonstick frying pan_frying bacon 

Making Pancakes:

Some people may vote for disagreements because it seems like an oven job. But making on a frying pan is also a simple yet convenient move. Apply some butter or oil on the nonstick surface, adjust the heat level to low-medium, pour the batter you prepared into the pan, wait till it’s bubbled on the top and browned at the bottom, then flip it and cook until the bottom is brown too. That way, you’ll get delicious and fluffy pancakes.
frying pan_pancake

Sauteing Fish:

Fish is a health-beneficial food as it contains lots of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and B12, calcium, and a host of minerals. And it’s quite a headache for a regular pan to saute it without sticking.

But it’s such a piece of cake to a nonstick skillet. You can season the fish first with ingredients you like and cut it into several parts ( or just a whole fish ), then apply some oil or other fat on the surface, and add the fish to the pan, cook for a couple of minutes, flip and continue cooking for the other side. Take out the fish and serve some herb, sauce, or lemon wedges, just simple as that.
essential woody granite nonstick frying pan_sauteing fish

Baking Chocolate Fudge Cake:

Yes, you do not hear wrong, and I am telling the truth! It’s doable for a frying pan, yet the steps are pretty simple. You only need to mix those ingredients, add the chocolate batter into the pan, cook on low heat and spread smooth to the top. Cover with a small plate and cook for 30 minutes, or until the cake is set. And that’s it!


frying pan_make chocolate cake

Above are just tiny pieces of an iceberg. There’s lots of cooking waiting for you to discover.

Granite non-stick frying pan could bring you an excellent cooking experience with well-functional non-stick performance. Try now, and let’s see what else can this little buddy do!



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