Cookware that Professional Chefs Use The Most

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Cookware that Professional Chefs Use The Most - Carote Global
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that emerged last year, many of us spend more time at home with our families. Therefore, most people started cooking during these times because cooking can help release stress; it's a great family activity too!

Have you ever wondered what the cookwares that your favorite chefs use are? Of course, there are some cookwares chosen and adored by them. Here are the cookwares they often use not only at their workplace but also in the kitchen of their own home.

1. Fry Pan: A frying pan consists of a flat bottom and rounded edges. The frying pan is considered very versatile and is primarily used for frying, searing and roasting meats.

2. Sauté Pan: By taking a look at its name, this pan is used for Sautéing, which moves the food around during the frying process. Compared to the frying pan, a sauté pan is much deeper, thicker and a great choice when cooking tender meat and veggies.

3. Saucepan: Saucepans have been titled one of the most useful and versatile cookware and are generally used to make sauces, soups, veggies, pasta, and even boiling eggs. Saucepan design consists of a rounded bottom and tall sides.

4. Skillet: Skillets are often used when cooking a large number of foods. While the materials used to construct a skillet are similar to a frying pan, skillets distinguish themselves from the frying pans due to being much thicker and heavier than a standard frying pan.

5. Griddle pan: Griddle pans are the most suitable when cooking foods such as eggs, pancakes, and Hot dogs. It can be used to grill chickens and hamburgers as well. Griddle pans are often used when cooking many foods due to the pan itself having a large square cooking surface.

Cooking has gradually become an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages ever since the pandemic has confined us in our own homes. By using the guidelines provided, the process of choosing suitable cookware will be a breeze. With the proper cookware, your cooking experience can be taken to the next level.

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