All you need to know about granite cookware

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All you need to know about granite cookware - Carote Official

When you want to prepare a tasty dish, you need to consider your cookware's suitability and not just the ingredients alone. Therefore, if you are looking for new sets of non stick cookware to replace or complete your existing cookware, then you've probably heard of granite cookware. Given the intricate designs and varying characteristics of cookware production materials these days, shopping for the best granite cookware for your kitchen can be pretty cumbersome.

Today, we will take an in-depth look into granite cookware so you can choose the perfect granite cookware set for your family. We will cover everything from safety, ease of use, and efficiency in this article.

Granite cookware is based on die-cast aluminum core and coated with swiss-delivered granite coating, and it tends to be a better alternative to other types of cookware due to its higher durability and aesthetic qualities. Moreover, Granite cookware has die-cast aluminum core that heats up quickly, allowing you to speed up your cooking time.

The coating of the cookware is inert, and it is free from toxic substances. Unlike other cookware, this type of cookware does not rust easily. It is safe for cooking and storage of any food regardless of acidity level as well as the coating does not change the taste and color of food.

And you also need to be extra careful so that you can extend the granite cookware's life. Here are some tips that can help you.

  • Avoid using steel metal utensils when cooking with granite cookware since it can easily damage the coating. Instead, you are suggested to use wooden or silicone kitchen utensils.
  • Do not stack your granite cookware or direct contact with other cookware as it will scratch the nonstick surface. If you don't have much space in your cabinet, you may insert a paper napkin between the stacked cookware to protect the coating.
  • Do not drop or bump your granite cookware against hard surfaces. If you accidentally drop your granite pan and the interior coating gets chipped, dispose of the damaged cookware immediately.
  • When cooking with your granite cookware, only heat the pan to low-medium heat to better preserve the nonstick coating.
  • Always use a small amount of oil or butter when cooking can make the nonstick coating last longer, especially if you're using cooking techniques like searing and stir-frying.

Granite is considered the healthiest material and one of the best options when choosing our future cookware. If you’re ready to experience all advantages as stated above, then it’s time for you to change to granite cookware and join the thousands of people who have made the switch to this type of cookware.

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